Volume 01 Number 02   2018


Sr No                                               TITLE PAGE NO
1 Appearance Schemas, Self-Esteem And Academic Achievement Among University Students
by Julia Javed and Dr. Masha Asad Khan
2 Pakistani Art With Focus On The Philosopical Understanding Of Khudi: A Need For Revitalization In The Present Age
by Farah Khan
3 The Importance Of Drawing In The Graphic Design Process; A Study From The Perspective Of Designers
by Dr. Wajid Zulqarnain, Amna Zareef and Naveed Ullah Hashmi
4 Investigating Public Fiscal Behavior And Foreign Aid: An Empirical Study Of Pakistan
by Hina Khurshid and Ayesha Khan
5 Unveiling The Evil; Pakistani Young Girls And Online Harassment
by Kainat Shahid, Shumaila Kauser and Dr. Wajid Zulqarnain
6 Portrayal Of Women For Advertising Effectiveness In Pakistan
by Naveed Ullah Hashmi, Dr. Wajid Zulqarnain and Waseem Ghafoor
7 Occupational Stress And Its Effects On Job Performance
by Mamoona Masood
8 Beauty Product Advertisements In Pakistani ‘She’ Magazine: A Critical Discourse Analysis
by Dr. Asmat A. Sheikh and Madiha Shuaib
9 Modeling Bladder Cancer Patients Data Through An Sia Log- Symmetric Distribution For Achieving Better Fit
by Saleha Naghmi Habibullah and Kessica Xavier
10 Images Of Judicial Activism In Pakistan: The Representation Of Superior Judiciary In National English Dailies
by Saadat Ali
11 The Evolution Of Puppet Theater In Pakistan
by Aneeqa Mahmood
12 Power Dynamics Shape The Identity Of A Minority (A Study Of Parsi Minority In Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice Candy Man)
by M. Mohsin Manzoor
13 Pragmatic Linguistic Markers For Socio-Psychological Themes  In Kafka’s Metamorphosis: (How Kafka Conveys Meaning Through His Characters Conversational Implicature, Haptics, Proxemics And Para Linguistics)
by  Mahnoor Ikram and Sulaim Sarfraz
14 Determinants Of Diarrhoea Among Children Below Five Years Of Age In Pakistan: A Case Study Of Punjab Province
by Kalsoom Akhtar Chaudhry and Tooba Khan
15 Popular Culture: Exploring Alerity In Terms Of Feminism And Post-colonial Feminism in Sia Kate Furler’s “big girls cry” and “never give up”
by Sofia Arslan